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Black mansion

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OC Love Stamp by rynoki

My own original characters in my own original novel you find here:akatsukisaku-chan.deviantart.c…

Here's the summary of the story: One fateful day, Akari witnessed the robbery and murder of an innocent man. As the only witness to this crime, the perpetrators chased her until she ran across a mansion. Just when she thought she was done for, one of the inhabitants killed off her pursuers. She couldn't believe what she saw – a vampire! Her savior forced her into the mansion where she saw five others like him. Now she must learn to live in this house of vampires, for she will never be allowed to escape.

Genres: Reverse harem(One girl with many boys/bishounen/beautiful boys), shoujo, romance, supernatural(the six males are vampires), suspense

My Commisson List/To Do List

Point Commissions - Open by SweetDukeCommissions - Ask Me by SweetDukeRequests - Friends Only by SweetDukeTrades - Friends Only by SweetDukeGifts - Friends Only by SweetDukeNo Kiribans by SweetDuke

:bulletyellow:Commissons to do;

:bulletred:Haruhiime - (Paid) One-shot; 1000-5000 words, multi chapter story; 1000-5000 words Star Progress Bar II - 100% by ColMea Star Progress Bar II - 0% by ColMea

:bulletred: Metarex12 (paid) One-shot; 1000-5000 words Star Progress Bar II - 0% by ColMea

:bulletred: Metarex12 (paid) Mutli chapter story, 5 chapters, 1000-5000 words, each chapter Star Progress Bar II - 0% by ColMea

:bulletblue:Finished Commissons;
:bulletgreen:MikoYami - A new meeting, ItaXOc, commissionA new meeting, ItaXOc, commissoned by MIKOYAMI
It was a beautiful morning, for the black haired, young, and beautiful female. The birds were chirping gently, outside of her apartment, making a smile form at her plump, and smooth red lips. The woman sat placed at the dining table, where she took a few sips of her glass filled with water. The cold liquid oozed down her throat, making the heat decrees slightly. It was currently summer, making the weather uncontrollably hot for the female. The heat tilted her snow white skin, making her body's temperature rise again. Her hand brought the ice cold water back to her lips and she leaned her neck backwards for a few inches, letting the water strum down, and cool down her throat once more.
Lalalalal... Lalalalalala.... Lalalalala... Lalalalalalala....
A sudden melody startled her and she hurried to place down the glass on the table, and run over to her phone. She ran around the corridor, where she heard the ringing sound come from. She

:bulletgreen:Metarex12(private commisson)
:bulletgreen:Rainekoi Hakuouki: Souji Okita x Oc, Commisson for RainekoiOne-shot commisson, for Rainekoi
Story written by: AkatsukiSaku-chan on Deviantart
Paring: Her oc x Okita Souji from Hakuoki
Raine belongs to Rainekoi!
Souji Okita belongs to its rightful owner!
Festival fun
Flash back/Dream
Souji...” a small child whispered, brown hair standing messily at every directions, while a few teardrops dribbled down from the child's eyes.
There the child saw Okita Souji, a person from the Shinsengumi, and someone she has known for long. He was sitting on his knees, his head bent slightly down, and a sword tucked into his abdomen, where red fluids stained his dress. Some blood was also leaking from his breathing lips, his eyes were half lidded, as he tried to force a smile

people I have commissoned/ Waiting from(this is for me to remember them, don't feel pressured at all! i just want to remember lols):

:bulletpurple: waiting six commissions(paid) fromAntifashion19
:bulletpurple: waiting one commisson (paid) fromzefiar(done)
:bulletpurple: waiting one commisson (unpaid) fromJax-chan (canceled)
:bulletpurple: waiting one commisson (paid) fromBlack-pantheress (done)
:bulletpurple:Waiting one commission (paid) fromfae-chii (done)
:bulletpurple: Waiting one commisson (paid) fromAnko-sensei
:bulletpurple: waiting three commisson (unpaid) from TsundereGirl
:bulletpurple: Waiting one commison (paid) fromYamazaki-Shyn(done)
:bulletpurple: waiting one commisson (paid) from KazekuTrades
:bulletpurple: waiting one commisson (paid) from AkinaSilver

Gifts/Contest Prizes to do:

:bulletorange: piko-chan4ever Lucy x Leo one-shot, Chizuru x Kazama one-shot.
:bulletorange: Haruhiime Yamato x oc One-shot.
:bulletorange: Clovis-cutestkitten oc one-shot.
:bulletorange: Kohaya7Kae-13 Oc x oc One-shot.

Black Mansion Manga Project

Black-Mansion is my original Novel that will be turned into a manga the end of this year/Start of next year:love:

Genres: Shoujo, Reverse harem, romance, supernatural.

The story is about Akari who, for the first time is allowed to be out late at night by her parents, for her 18 birthday! Where she was together with her friends, and on her way home... She sees something that she shouldn't have seen, whatever she sees, is what starts this whole story. Seeing what she saw, made her run all over to the Black Mansion. Meeting with the six vampires and never allowed to escape:heart:

Heroine Akari: (NONE Of THESE PICTURES ARE DRAWN BY ME)Akari - For Imouto-chan by Kohaya7Kae-13CM: from AkatsukiSaku-chan by ViChaN91312Akari from Black Mansion by BittersweetHorizonAkari - SKETCH by Kohaya7Kae-13Sketch Commission 3 by TheNewHordeHappy Birthday~ by Tsundere-girl

The bishounen guys: (FROM LEFT TO RIGHT; Hiroki, Nozomu, Kaoru, Satan, Jun, Fusao)(THIS PICTURE IS NOT DRAWN BY ME)Character References for AkatsukiSaku-chan by Kohaya7Kae-13

Here are the people that are in the manga project;

Kohaya7Kae-13 as Artist (draws the original sketch:kiss:, does line arts, and wordings after the pages have been toned)

BittersweetHorizon as Toner (tones the lines, puts backgrounds effects, shades. puts in speech bubbles:love:)

piko-chan4ever as Assistant/Helper:heart: (assists with putting line arts, designing characters (mostly supporting characters), and wordings )

AkatsukiSaku-chan as Author (writes the scripts from the novel, changes anything I want to change in the story, though, nothing has been changed so far, fufufu~ XD Also creates most of the characters designs, does every characters personalities as well, as well as giving them a name, etc lols!~)

The novel belongs to me <3 While the manga will belong to all four of us, since we all are in this project~ <3 .P And we have created ourselves a a team name, our project name is: YuHaTsuKi~ <3



Yuri(He's the fifth magi ^,^):PayPal commission for AkatsukiSaku-chan 5 by Black-pantheress

Seira(in her Ice Equip): PayPal commission for AkatsukiSaku-chan 6 by Black-pantheress


Shirotsume: |Point Commission 1/2| Akatsukisaku-chan by Haruumi

Siana: |Point Commission 2/2| Akatsukisaku-chan by HaruumiPayPal commission for AkatsukiSaku-chan 5 by Black-pantheressPAYPALCOM 34 by KazekuTrades

Group pictures of them: PayPal commission for AkatsukiSaku-chan by Black-pantheresspencil commission2 by warablePayPal commission for Kytelian 2 by Black-pantheressPayPal commission for Kytelian 3 by Black-pantheress

Syuunske: PayPal commission for AkatsukiSaku-chan 4 by Black-pantheress(twins older brother)

Karasu: PayPal commission for AkatsukiSaku-chan 2 by Black-pantheress:Saku's Male OC by LilyzouRequest: Karasu by TariqSP

Groupi pictures of him: CM: Madara and Karasu by Chloeehpencil commission by warableCommission - OC Karasu and Sasuhi by Tsundere-girl

Kazuko: Naruto OCs: KarasuSasuhi and HisukeKazuko by Kohaya7Kae-13


:iconayenaruto: :iconthunderthighs23: :iconmasterzeoknight15: :iconxtoorux: :iconxxeevee-chanxx:




Fanfiction/Story commissons, One-shot: 3500-5000 words
One-shot, 3500-5000 words (they mostly end at 4000 ^^ or 4500)  For additional chapters it will cost 300:points: more (max two chapters ^^)

HERE YOU FIND ALL THE ANIMES, SERIES, MANGAS, I KNOW OFF, AND WHAT I CAN WRITES:akatsukisaku-chan.deviantart.c… sorry for caps lols... xD Check out the list ;)


AkatsukiSaku-chan has started a donation pool!
1,173 / 5,000
:heart:You pay for the adopts here:heart:

:star:It would be awesome if you would like to donate to these groups (For future contests!!:D Getting super group!! Just mention which group you would like to donate to;) Or just donate to me so I can hold my own future contest nyan, o for premium nyan;)):star:

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Thank you~~:kiss:

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Journal History

Fairy fest, last event!!! IS CLOSED!!!

Thu Apr 17, 2014, 11:04 AM




EDIT: Thank you so much everyone, to those who voted for our team :) it is very much appreciated and we're happy you enjoyed reading our entry, thank you again!!! :snuggle::huggle::glomp:

Hello everyone, this is team CLOCKWORK ELF'S final, and last entry, for Fairy fest 2014, please take a look, and read our doujinshi, I hope you enjoy the story, I was the one who wrote it after all, please let us know what you think of it, you can read it here:FairyTail Doujinshi- Shatterred by BittersweetHorizon

And also, if you enjoy our entry, it would be awesome if you could vote for us, team clockwork elf in… but that's really up to you :P

Thank you for reading this <3 finally, after our hands have done their best, exhausted themselves, we are finally done. Gosh I'm so happy! The last two weeks were omfg, so stressing, but in the end we managed, i'm proud over my team, for working so hard, even if they, we got discouraged!!

My lovely team members are :iconbittersweethorizon::iconpiko-chan4ever::iconfenhung:
Bitter-san was the vice captain you could say, lawls, 'cause we're oldest, or at least I think we are lLOLS
Ehm, now I shall stop my lovely rambling <3
anyhow, love you my awesome, epic team members YAAYS!! HOOORAY! :D

Dragon Girl - Adoptable [OPEN] by Kohaya7Kae-13Contest Entry: OC Aurelie by Kohaya7Kae-13OC [Raishin] - Puzzled Identity by Kohaya7Kae-13:G: Shizako-San by Haruhiime.: Contest Entry :. by piko-chan4everTell me your wish... by BittersweetHorizonCharacter Design -Kerria by Tsundere-girlOkita Souji by WonderfulWonderWorld:thumb338468453:Riza Hawkeye by RikaMello

Journal CSS Template by firstfear | Edited by Gingersnap87 | art by ViChaN91312

Commisson moi? <3 


AkatsukiSaku-chan's Profile Picture
DA ID: My Gaia character! Drawn by:iconkohaya7kae-13::heart:


Akari - For Imouto-chan by Kohaya7Kae-13
Happy Birthday~ by Tsundere-girl
Character References for AkatsukiSaku-chan by Kohaya7Kae-13


:iconkohaya7kae-13:~ She's my One-sama and she does so much for me, she's even going to be the sketcher of Black Mansion manga:love: which belongs to me, piko-chan4ever, and BittersweetHorizon (we're in the Black Mansion Manga project:P) ^_^ Now check out her art, she's also so amazing~:heart: *glomps One-sama*

Adoptable 2.0 - Open by Kohaya7Kae-13[Densetsu x Masumi] - For Moonbeam-chan by Kohaya7Kae-13[OC] - Earth Lady by Kohaya7Kae-13OkiKagu - Doodle (5 years after) by Kohaya7Kae-13Corinne in a Nurse Outfit - C.E. by Kohaya7Kae-13[SasuHina] - The Myth by Kohaya7Kae-13[OC] - Raishin :Icon: by Kohaya7Kae-13[OC] - Winter Snow Lady by Kohaya7Kae-13Happy B-day! - For SavageSaccharine by Kohaya7Kae-13AkiMi - Together by Kohaya7Kae-13Adoptable Auction 1.0 - Closed by Kohaya7Kae-13Being Admitted at a Hospital... by Kohaya7Kae-13OC [Suzuha] by Kohaya7Kae-13Prize Request - For WinnDixieX3 by Kohaya7Kae-13

:iconxsaku-itax: This is my Nee-san/Nee-chan, she has done a lot for me as well, and she's a very kind person, plus, not only that, her art is lovely, you should totally check it out:D

Mating season -SasoSaku- by XSaku-ItaXBack off -ItaSakuDei- by XSaku-ItaXSunset Kiss by XSaku-ItaXEyes meeting -SasoSaku by XSaku-ItaXA new lesson -KakaSaku by XSaku-ItaXSakura FanClub: Love by XSaku-ItaXA Sakura Love Story: Sasori pt 1 by XSaku-ItaXMarking Territory by XSaku-ItaX

:iconharuumi: Mah adorable lil sis, she's so fragile it's cute:hug: this person has done a lot for me as well, she's an amazing artist as well, you should check out her art, and maybe even commisson her, her commissons are open I think....^.^

Naruto SD: YamatoxTsukiko by HaruumiArt Trade: Naruto SD Hinako by HaruumiArt Trade: Naruto SD Hinako by HaruumiPoint Commission 002 by HaruumiNaruto OC Adopts #1 [OPEN] by HaruumiRyota Mosao by Haruumi[Request] Tsukiko and Usagi by Haruumi[Contest] Erianthe by Haruumi|Gift| Amaya Uzumaki by Haruumi

:icontsundere-girl: She's so nice! And you know what, she likes otome games hohohohoho~~ xDD OTOME GAMES! *dies* More people should drool at the awesome otome games! Hakuouki! Amnesia~ xDD Diabolik lovers! and yeah! xD Here's some awesome picture (Be aware HinaSasu )from her gallery;

Ib by Tsundere-girlEscaping Fabricated World by Tsundere-girlIb by Tsundere-girlEnchanted-redrawn by Tsundere-girlPortrait of a new family by Tsundere-girlHappy Chinese New Year by Tsundere-girlBlue boys by Tsundere-girlPurple Sunflower by Tsundere-girlRoses for you by Tsundere-girl

:iconzhyrhe: omg this person is just too awesome, she's in love with SakuraItachi, and did I mention she draws and colors her pictures awesome, here are some examples:

MadaSaku - In the Past by ZhyrheItaSaku ooppss.. by ZhyrheNobody's Watching Us - ItaSaku by ZhyrheUn Momento de Relajacion by ZhyrheLoki and Lucy Como rayos... by Zhyrhe

:iconsasusaku-uchiha0718: this person is really nice, and she's on love with SakuSas and Itasaku xD here are some awesome drawings by her:

Sakura Haruno Jounin by sasusaku-uchiha0718Sakura - Ready for Anything by sasusaku-uchiha0718SasuSaku:Fainted by sasusaku-uchiha0718Old Team 7, New picture.. by sasusaku-uchiha0718Sakura's Birthday Party by sasusaku-uchiha0718

:icongoldcoinsuperstar: This person he draws SakuraAkatsuki art, and SakuraXOther males. You should check out his arts!! 'cause they are awesome!! XD drawing by him;


:iconrikamello: this person here is from China! and I thought that was really cool, she's so cute too! And she draws semi realism art! You should really check out her art, it's really amazing~

Hatsue by RikaMelloSakura Haruno  NARUTO by RikaMelloNARUTO  Haruno Sakura by RikaMelloNARUTO Temari by RikaMelloYamanaka Ino  NARUTO by RikaMelloTenten  NARUTO by RikaMelloNARUTO Hyuga Hinata by RikaMelloHyuga Hinata NARUTO by RikaMelloNARUTO Konan by RikaMelloNARUTO   Deidara by RikaMelloNARUTO   Sasori by RikaMelloNARUTO   Terumi Mei by RikaMelloNARUTO   Gaara by RikaMelloUzumaki Naruto Happy birthday by RikaMelloUzumaki Naruto by RikaMelloNARUTO    Gaara by RikaMelloNARUTO Temari by RikaMelloMaika by RikaMelloAyumi by RikaMellokei uzumaki by RikaMelloMizuki by RikaMelloOC NARUTO by RikaMelloIsae by RikaMelloMy practice by RikaMelloPractice by RikaMelloAiri by RikaMello

:iconlilyzou: this person is new to DA! So be kind to Lily-chan~ <3 (or I'll hurt you!!!XD)

MY ONE PIECE OC -Lily by LilyzouMY ONE PIECE OC-Lily by LilyzouSaku 's  OC -Akari by LilyzouNARUTO-Terumi Mei by LilyzouNARUTO-Haruno Sakura by LilyzouNARUTO-Hinata by LilyzouJessicaMoonbeam 's OC by LilyzouNinja sister color OC by LilyzouNinja twins OC by LilyzouTwins by LilyzouHappy Halloween!! by LilyzouA girl cross dressing to show by Lilyzoufor rika by LilyzouDN-NEAR by LilyzouNARUTO:Tsunate by LilyzouJormungand-Valmet by LilyzouREN by LilyzouK-ON!! by Lilyzou

:star:Artists I would like to commission in the future:star:

:iconlairam: price…
:iconkaoyux: price…
:iconamyninkai: price
:icondkstudios05: price…
:iconthenewhorde: price…
:iconyuna2025: price…
:iconblack-pantheress: price……
:iconaiki-ame: price…
:iconannria2002: price…
:iconledogawa: price… (That person is from Sweden like me!'s rare to see Swedish people liking manga/anime stuffs.... xD)


:iconpirate-princess-aiko:~ her art is awesome, check out her doujin Sakura-hime xD

:iconsnowflakeyuki:~ my friend, she has some good stuff :)

:iconcrystal-bells:~ she draws some cute stuff check them out :)

:icondragodino112: she draws animals:)

:iconlalagirlinlalaland:~ i love her art of Konan, check them out :)

my new awesome friends that likes Sakura yay xD

:iconjorda96: I love her Dei drawings! he look so cute<3 check them out!! :)

:iconblue-angel-x: I like her drawings as well! check out her Sasuke drawing -->… she's an awesome friend xD

:iconcfcgirl24: she's really nice! and she's obsessed with the paring SakuraxSasori :) check out her drawings too!

Current Residence: ....My house xD
Favourite genre of music: J-Rock, hard rock, visual kei
Favourite style of art: Manga of course!! And semi realism~
Favourite cartoon character: Wiesly, Tykki, Kanda, Lenalee,Sakura, Deidara, Sasori Rukia, Gin, Itachi, Lucy, Gray, Natsu, Erza,etc etc
Personal Quote: "My room, get the hell out"

Arists I would realy like to commisson <3

Mah lovely Final fantasy Couples <3

Here are som couples from the final fantasy games that I like!:D

Final Fantasy 7:

Tifa x Cloud

Sephiroth x Tifa

Aeris/Aerith x Zach/Zack

Yuffie x Vincent

Final fantasy 10:

Yuna x Tidus

Auron x Rikku

Lulu x Wakka

Final fantasy 13:

Lightning x Hope

Snow x Serah

Vanile x Fang

Mah lovelies <3



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